UNSC: Bravo Squad

Hudson's Notes, personal log entry

(encrypted personal log kept seperate of the Red Horse mainframe)

In the events between Operations Capture the Flag and King Kong, Bravo was afforded some downtime. In said time, the team has been doing extensive training both afield and at the Red Horse, assisting in the day-to-day activities of both the UNSC personnel, and the civilians now living in a system of dug out tunnels beneath the ship. The mood is somber, with emotions flagging due to the incessant harassment of the Covenant. The glassing of Harvest continues with no end in sight, and morale is somewhat difficult to maintain at operational levels. There’s some power jockeying going on amongst some of the brass, with a lot of enlisted caught in the crossfire. As such, anything that can be done to take the mind off the common woes is a welcome addition to the daily grind. Word is we’re going to start setting up some FOB’s 10k out from the Red Horse to act as advance warning eyes and ears. This is helping to boost the situational awareness of the Red Horse by quite a bit, and it gives folks a chance to get away and get themselves dirty, get some shit done without thinking about when the next rat-bastard purple battleship is going to cruise a bit too close and put us all to the torch.

5 Jan, 2526
Bravo scored some time away from Red Horse to set up OP Zulu, South of the Red Horse a ways. Encountered a deserter from the 353rd, wouldn’t be talked back and opened fire on us. Walderson put him down, and we let him take his own life. Stripped for intel and any items deemed important. We walked in to scout a decent enough location, after which we called in for supplies to get the outpost started. Work progressed on the OP for a couple of weeks, cutting in a couple of outlying OP’s a klick out from Zulu itself. In this time I got to know a LCpl. Jarshawn from the 353rd, as well as a few other troops dropped off to help finish the installation. It should also be noted that in the downtime, Bravo was also bolstered by the addition of one civilian, “Little” Bill Walderson, designation Bravo Four. Dane was reassigned back to medbay at present, but her operational status was spoken of quite favorably by Rhino. Baumgartner, Rhino, and Little Bill are currently off-site putting in OP Whiskey North of the Horse. Zulu’s a cozy little get-away, we’ve got some decent freshwater and some electricity, not to mention a commanding view of the nearby valley, and some tremendous interlocking fields of fire and some heavy emplaced weapons. It’s not a five star hotel, but by god, it’s the next best thing.

13 Jan, 2526
We were still working on the OP (really, just getting it all pretty for the 353 boys) when we heard of some close contacts nearby from one of the forward OP’s. Sgt. Smith, Walderson, and myself all made our way to the post to watch Delta 2-5 lay grade-A asswhoop into a trio of unknown machines, ridden by those giant ape bastards. Two were taken out completely, with one making it’s way very close to the OP location. Walderson and I stepped out to have a lovely high-caliber chat with the rider, which after our first encounter and knowledge of the sheer toughness, we decided the talk would be brief and to the point. Headshots. They drop pretty quick after a half-dozen or more of those. The corpse, the machine, and any loose weaponry was packaged up onto Delta 2-5 and sent home for analysis.

14 Jan, 2526
Officially turned the keys to Zulu over to Sgt. Smith, dustoff scheduled for 1200 hours Zulu tomorrow. Ran through all the things we’ve been up to, improvements scheduled, basic intelligence gathered on nearby corvette seen glassing the valley across the lake nearby. Can’t say it hasn’t been fun, but I’d kill for a shower and a few uninterrupted nights with Faustine at this point. Not to mention I’d like to get back into the mix, see if we can start putting the Horse back together and taking the fight to the Covenant.

15 Jan, 2526
Heading homeward as I write this, Delta 2-5 is almost my third home these days. Red Horse bound.

16 Jan, 2526
Rest and Refit day for Bravo One. Been working out with Jarshawn quite a bit, things are coming along pretty nicely in both recovering from my wounds the month before, and the training. Feeling pretty good these days, but team morale is still a bit low, and supplies are in short order for all parties back at the Horse. Hopefully we can get out there and see about scrounging up some things to help ease everyone’s suffering pretty soon, or else tensions are going to fray further than they already have, and folks will start to snap more than they already have. Already been several incidents of theft of items off the Horse, that’ll only set us back further should the Covenant finally home in on us. Getting called up by Bekyros, so I’ll leave it at that.

17 Jan, 2526
Bravo’s off on it. Operation King Kong. This one’s going to be a rough one.



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