UNSC: Bravo Squad

Operation Capture the Flag

After-action report of Operation: Capture the Flag. 3 December, 2525
Location: Enemy occupied planet Harvest
Commanding Officer: Major Daphne Bekyros, UNSC

Report of SSgt. Dan Hudson, UNSC as follows:

Intelligence reports a downed enemy ship of larger class, believed to be the equivalent of a corvette a distance away from the Red Horse. Bravo team at this point is now broken down into two separate fireteams: Bravo 1-1 consisting of team members 1, 5, and 6. Bravo 2-1 consisting of team members 2, 3, and 4. (Should be noted that with the absence of B1, Bravo Four is now LCpl. Anessa Dane serving as fireteam medic). Elements of the 353rd Infantry made initial venture into alien (now being referred to as “Covenant” from intel garnered from Trojan program from Operation Odysseus) corvette to locate precious cargo, but met with hostile resistance. Intelligence gathered indicated a previously unrecorded class of alien contact (type unknown) capable of nearly invisible camouflage, carrying a weapon best described as a “sword” made of energy, capable of grievous wounds, if not fatal against humans. Information sent to Red Horse prior to the annihilation of the fireteam dictated Bravo’s deployment.

Jumpoff- 2200 hours, Zulu. Infil via Charlie 217, Bravo 5 piloting after the loss of Lt. Darren Miles from a self-inflicted gunshot following his wounds received on a different flight op. Bravo 1 cleared for duty only after misdiagnosis on fatigued Bravo 4, with 1 still suffering from his wounds from Operation Polo. Bravo 2 is operational command, with Bravo 6 as tech. Flight in was quiet, with only a pair of Covenant ground vehicles (ghost class) engaged and destroyed. A fly-over of the corvette located multiple ground forces consisting of grunts (Uggnoy), to which were cut down by GAU fire from 5, and side-strut minigun fire from Bravo 2 and 6. Bravo touched down and infiltrated the corvette while 5 began circling on station to provide cover if necessary. Resistance was light as the team made it’s way towards the central hub of the ship, small arms fire engagements with patrolling bands of grunts and jackals primarily. The team discovered the ship’s core shortly thereafter, with 6 beginning to disconnect the memory unit and package for transport. Contact initiated at that point when an enemy combatant leapt down from above, camouflaged and wielding one of the energy swords. 2 and 1 engaged the firefight at this time, with some assistance from 6, attacker was killed and the sword taken for study. Covenant forces then tried forcing access to the room, but were dispatched by grenades (one stuck to the end of B1’s rifle, thrust back into the corridor before it could explode in his hands). After repulsing the attack, Bravo then began exfil.

Contact remained steady, with 2 remaining behind to provide rear guard while 1 and 6 made way to Charlie 217. Communications were discovered to be jammed at this point, exiting the corvette when another ambush occurred. 6 engaged multiple hostiles by the jamming tower nearby, while 1 was caught in close combat with a new alien species. (Brief: Tall, apelike creature. Very strong, extremely hostile, and armed with a giant hammer. This hammer creates a concussive shockwave when contact is made, causing damage to anything nearby.) The ape was engaged by 1 until 6 could also assist, with the creature finally being brought down by the liberal application of ammunition. Team dusts off and via newly enacted protocol, spends one night afield in a town they spotted inflight. Ash storms are active, and the team spent the night recovering in the small town with the company of a family discovered there, the Waldersons. Bravo returned to Red Horse on 4 December, 2525 for debrief.

End Report.



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