UNSC: Bravo Squad

Operation King Kong

17 January, 2526

After-Action report, Operation King Kong
17 January, 2526

Commanding Officer: Major Daphne Bekyros, UNSC
Location: Harris Installation, enemy occupied planet Harvest

Report of SSgt. Dan Hudson, UNSC as follows:

Intelligence gathered located a military installation currently under Covenant control from LRRPS from the 353rd, and enemy was engaged by said elements when the 353rd sustained major casualties from a new species of alien. Report on these new contacts are that these aliens travel in pairs, are heavily armed and armored (reports are they carry shields of undetermined alloy that are impenetrable, as well as the body armor they wear) and are extremely lethal. Bravo is tasked with disrupting enemy communications currently in-use by the Covenant atop the base, and engage and destroy all enemy contacts inside and secure the facility.

Bravo squad will deploy with elements of the 353rd as heavy weapons support, with LCpl. Dane providing medical assistance with the weapons squad. 353rd Jarshawn commands the weapons squad, under direct control of Bravo. Bravo 2-1 will deploy atop the installation and disrupt enemy communications and provide overwatch fire support for Bravo 1-1 on the ground, engaging enemy combatants. Both fireteams will be issued SPNKR rockets for AT use, as well as discretionary use as AP suppression. Bravo 1-1 and 353rd will deploy via Delta 2-5, 5k out from the installation and hump in. Charlie 217 piloted by B6 will deploy on-site in concert with the opening salvos of the ground forces.

Bravo 1-1 and the 353rd coordinated assault and opened fire at several groups of the enemy simultaneously. Several grunts were killed in the opening salvo, as was an elevated heavy weapons platform they were employing (alien in nature) via rocket. Enemy recovered and began counterattack, at which time several banshee-class assault craft attempted to leave the base. Both of these were shot down by rockets from Bravo 2-1. Small arms fire continued with sniper fire provided by B3, when the enemy behemoths made their appearance with a large elite in attendance (Possibly the command element?). B6 launched her remaining rocket at the trio, causing tremendous damage which seemed to stun and disorient the trio, but not disable them. By now, Bravo 1-1 was in close range of all combatants and taking cover in large explosion craters when one of the creatures launched a large plasma blast which stunned both B1 and B6 (located quite a distance away from each other.) Sniper fire managed to bring down one of the armored behemoths (B3 reports the armor doesn’t cover everywhere, shoot those areas unprotected). The remaining behemoth enrages and suffers wounds from multiple M67 fragmentation grenades, yet still rushes B1’s location to smash his leg with the large shield the alien carries. Fire is focused on the remaining armored alien until it is killed, mop-up operations begin to kill the remaining grunts and jackals before they can escape.

Bravo 2-1:
Infil via Charlie 217 successful, and communications are jammed at the onset of the assault from the UNSC forces below. Upon discovering their comms disabled, the Covenant dispatch a number of grunts with jackals commanding to repel Bravo 2-1. Bravo 2 and 3 eliminate the majority of these before they can effect a counterattack, and return to previous overwatch and fire support for the ground teams below. Bravo 5 is credited two rocket kills on banshee attack craft as they attempt to enter the battle, or perhaps flee to report on the attack.

UNSC casualties- none, minor wounds reported and treated on-scene
Covenant casualties- (2) previously undocumented aliens, unknown species or classification. (1) officer elite, armor color blue? (1) jackal, commanding squad of 4 grunts. (7) grunts in sentry positions. (2) banshee attack craft. (1) heavy weapons platform and gun crews.

Harris Installation contained the following UNSC materiel:
(2) Pelican troop transports, one serviceable, one in need of a lot of repair/refit
(Designated: Delta 3-1, Delta 4-4 respectively)
(2) Warthog troop vehicles, one mounted chaingun, the other fitted with gauss cannon.
(4) Mongoose ATV’s. Varying states of repair, all functioning
Small arms, ammunition, and a great number of basic foodstuffs and sundries.

In addition to the above, Bravo located a locked store-room containing six (6) Ares II multirole missiles, but encountered an AI “Loki” which would not permit access to the room or munitions, even after announcing UNSC rank and unit designations and codewords from Bravo, AI Harold, and even Major Bekyros. Noted for possible future pickup to return to Red Horse if we can find a way to disengage defense protocols of the AI Loki.

Cursory inspection of behemoth aliens determines aliens are comprised of, for the lack of a better term, a bunch of worms. These worms all seem to work in concert with each other to make the entire unit move and fight. More study will be done by the techs on these worms back at the Red Horse to determine if there’s anything to be learned.

End report.



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