Dan Hudson

Bravo 1


Dan Hudson (Bravo One) stands in at 6’5", weighing around 185lbs. He has short, dirty blonde hair, and blue/green eyes. He has an easygoing nature in his off duty time and enjoys a drink or a game. On missions, his focus is to get the job done, and to ensure that the team comes back in one piece. Hudson carries a bullet scar above his left eye as a reminder of just how deadly the innies can be.


Dan was born to Gunter and Karoline Hudson in New Bavaria. Gene was a provincial doctor, and Nadine was tasked with keeping Dan out of trouble and from hurting himself. As a child, Dan could often be found out wandering the countryside, or fishing the nearby stream. Gunter was strict in ensuring that Dan remembered where he came from, and made it a practice to speak only German in the home on the weekends when the family was together. On his 17th birthday, Dan surprised his parents by telling them he’d enrolled in the local tech college, intent on becoming a paramedic to help people. His father strongly disagreed with him on the fact, but nothing could be done to sway Dan from his course. He’d seen too much in the way of casualties his father treated on a far too regular basis anymore, and his mind was made up. Near the completion of his senior year in school, Dan learned that his father had been killed when an vehicle carrying an insurrectionist cell fleeing the authorities had struck his father. The guilt he felt at not being able to help his father in his time of need fueled his drive, but was cut short when his draft papers arrived a day behind his college graduation.

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Dan Hudson

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