Emily Baumgartner

Bravo 3


Emily is a slim attractive young woman with an athletic build. She has dirty blond hair and Hazel eyes. When engaged with other people she has an easy going smile and warm personality. When she is alone or thinks she is, she reverts to her gloom. Despite her inexperience in combat she at times sees red and fights with a vicious visceral ferocity, which will probably get herself killed one day when she bites off more than she can chew.


Emily (em to her friends) was born to a movie star mother and Musician father while her parents were vacationing on Tribute. A life of privilege made her lazy when it came to her studies instead preferring the excesses of being a socialite. She hung in all the right circles and even starred in a reality vid show called “Heiresses on the Brink” and a bit recurring roll on “Nights on Mira Shore”, a soap opera popular on Circumstance. The Unified Rebel Front changed her life drastically when they blew up a benefit for the arts that her parents were attending. The press release said that “these parasitic stars were feeding off a broken system and making a generation of mind numb complacent people drowning in filth that they themselves spewed”. The only reason Emily was not in attendance was that her parents felt she was too strung out to attend. Emily spiraled out of control and only after a bad overdose and her friends intervention did she begin to get her life back in control. She spent the next two years searching for herself and coming to terms with her parents death. She had been staying with a monastic order when she received her draft notice.

Emily Baumgartner

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