Franco Inzhein

Innie money man and Captain of Epsilon Dawn


Older handsome playboy millionaire.


Franco is the son of Wilhelm and Ursula Andres. Wilhelm was the owner and CEO of Andres technologies a manufacturers of GPS (Galaxy Positioning System) devices. Franco spent his young years in the United Nations Space Command Academies on Reach. When he graduated he joined the ODST’s and fought in several Operation: TREBUCHET battles. He was taken prisoner in 2515 and rescued a year later. It was possibly during this time that he was turned to the Innie cause. Upon return he quit the UNSC and concentrated on the family business. His father died a year later under suspicious circumstances. Franco took the helm. Recent intel shows that he has been funneling money to the United Rebel Front and helping to coordinate the import of weapons for the Epsilon Dawn. He has died recently due to a heart attack apparently while cheating on his wife. His financial records have been under examination for dispersal to his survivors. It was during this time that investigators discovered his financial improprieties. His companies assets have been seized and all records pulled. Records show that the Mikasa Maru is inbound with a shipment of items from Eridanus II.

Franco Inzhein

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