UNSC: Bravo Squad

Operation Speluker After Action Report

The following transcripts were taken from Bravo 1 and collected from non damaged Helmet cams after Operation Spelunker-

“Spelunker” +3.5 hours

After re-establishing communications with UNSC “XXX XXXXX” Bravo Squad was ordered to continue on mission as per previous orders. At this time, it was determined to evacuate injured personnel to prevent further casualties via a contingent of personnel from “XXX XXXXX.” Fire teams Delta and Foxtrot were to dock on the UNSC “XXXXXXXXXX” and make preparations to medevac Bravo 3, and rescued Corporal from UNSC “XXX XXXX XXXXXXX.” Delta squad would then press aft to see about further recovery operations while Bravo squad continued fore to recover intelligence gear from the bridge. At this time, Bravo remains combat effective at 80% strength with Bravos 1, 2, 4, and 5 still active.

+4 hours, VIDCOM units now active on BRAVO squad as they press forward, supplemental information from them will support the mission report as needed.

(VIDCOM, UNSC Corporal XXXXXX, callsign: Bravo 1)

“One, this is Two… we are clearing the Captain’s Quarters. Provide cover for us as we retrieve the Captain’s Logs.”

“Affirmative Two. I’m showing a lot of movement outside this block on IFF, we better hustle this up and get to the bridge before we get cut off and surrounded!”

(VIDCOM whips left and right as the IFF indicates multiple contacts moving closer to Bravo’s position inside the sealed area just aft of the bridge, containing the captain’s quarters. The lighting is still broken and poor, and several bunk doors in this area are open, the area beyond still dark. As One moves to a covering position, IFF indicates several contacts well within the area the squad occupies, one contact nearly on top of Bravo 5)

“Two, this is One… we’ve got contacts inside the perimeter! Several contacts, five meters or less! We need to MOVE, NOW!”

(IFF contacts continue to ping dangerously close to Bravo 2 and 5’s position, as well as near 1 and 4. Strangely, no contacts are seen as the camera pans down the halls and up towards the ceiling. The taclight on Bravo 1’s M45 illuminates the ceiling panels a moment before the radio crackles)

“Bravo, the ceiling! They must be in the roof above! We need to get out of here!”

At this point Bravo Team decided to move faster towards the objective at the bridge. Providing covering fields of fire, we advanced up the central corridor towards another elevator shaft. Blood was found nearby and drag marks indicated a body was taken from the hall down this shaft. Bravo then fanned out to cover sectors as Bravo 5 spotted the computer console where the team needed to retrieve the shipboard A.I. 5 then breached the bridge, moving directly towards the computer to begin extraction protocols while 2 stepped inside to provide cover. At this point, 2 located multiple “eggs” located all around this location that were starting to open, and directed the team to cover him and 5 as he opened fire. From the covering position on the starboard section of the hallway, Bravo 1 was able to put suppressive fire on several of the sacs, bursting them and killing the contents, hereby referred to as “Facehuggers” inside. It was shortly after a few more rounds of fire that one of the assault forms had attacked Bravo 4, and was trying to drag him down the port side hallway towards engineering. Disregarding the previous order of providing cover, Bravo 1 gave chase, managing to score a lucky shot on the retreating alien’s left leg, effectively crippling the creature and forcing it to lose it’s hold on Bravo 4. At this time, Bravo 1 and 4 returned to their previous locations to resume covering the advance fireteam, noting the advance of another attack form into the bridge. Bravo 1 managed to get two shots off, but neither connected as the creature moved into a position that offered no safe shots without fear of hitting either Bravo 2 or 5. As this contact was relayed to Bravo 2, Bravo 1 noted another attack form moving up the starboard corridor, and engaged with two shotgun blasts which killed the creature.

Bravo 2 continued providing direct fire support as 5 worked to retrieve the A.I. from the console. At this time, several of the egg sacs had been destroyed, but several more had disgorged their contents and were now beginning to attack. It was approximately at this time that the ship’s A.I. turned off the artificial gravity. After a prolonged firefight, Bravo team managed to secure the computer and eliminated all hostiles in the area before moving back towards the extraction site, but soon discovering Bravo 5 was MIA. There were several minutes of discussion towards a course of action, finally coming to rest on the decision to enact a rescue of the missing squadmate. (VIDCOM omitted.) Bravo team refit and rearmed at Foxtrot’s position (Starboard access airlock) and proceeded to sweep aft quickly to prevent a reorganized attack by the alien hostiles onboard. Bravo is now approximately 60% combat effective at this time, having suffered multiple wounds up to this point.

“Spelunker” +5 hours:

Bravos 1, 2, and 5 continue sweeping aft, moving along the port side bulkhead towards the engineering section. There is no report from Delta squad as the team advances, and VIDCOM shows that the sections of this part of the ship have been destroyed or dismantled, and some form of biological growth or addition has been placed along sections of the bulkheads, effectively “terraforming” the aft sections of the vessel, and engineering. The floor has a heavy mist obscuring view about a half meter up from the deckplates, and the temperature in this area is steadily rising close towards 100 degrees Farenheit. Approximately a minute after reaching this section, Bravo heard gunfire from the area ahead and moved forward to investigate. Bravo then discovered a very large area where most of the interior bunkrooms had been removed, clearing an area approximately 20 meters wide by 30 meters long. In this section there were multiple survivors located, comprised primarily of captured Delta squad members and Bravo 4. Located centrally aft, near the engineering bulkhead (or where it should have been) was the largest alien form encountered to this point. The alien measured approximately three to four meters in height, with a large pulsating sac attached to the creature’s posterior. The head of the creature was enormous, with a large head-plate (possibly a shield of sorts) splaying out behind the forward face section. This form also sported a second pair of vestigal arms, use unknown.

(VIDCOM, Bravo One)

“Jesus Christ, what is that thing?!?” (video pans to the right, where the conscious Delta member was working to free itself from the biological residue pinning him to the wall, then back to the left to settle on the large alien at the aft of the room)

“Attack that thing!” (Bravo 2’s voice, offscreen left of the video)

(The video now pans down a little, focusing on several sacs on the deck dangerously close to a surviving Delta and Bravo 4. The M45 fires twice, obliterating two of the closest sacs as the large alien at the rear hisses and thrashes around in what appears to be anger, straining against the weight of the suspended egg sac. The video swings right quickly, checking the status of the trapped members on the port bulkhead, then back left as the looming shape of the large alien rushes towards the camera startlingly fast. The video shakes as the creature closes, and tilts quickly as a large tail whips into view just in front of the camera and crashes with a sickly wet splash somewhere offscreen right.)

“WHAT THE FUCK?!?” (Unseen speaker, right)

(Video pans right quickly, noting the sharpened end of the tail having split cleanly through half of a deceased human pinned to the bulkhead, then quickly back as the M45 shoots several more times, hits clearly impacting the creature in the chest, and left leg twice.

“RELOADING!” (Bravo One, camera whipping left as the camera shows the soldier moving rapidly towards a half destroyed bulkhead, ducking down behind it for cover as several more reports of small arms fire come from the room behind. Hissing and thrashing can be heard off camera as the large creature struggles offscreen to reach Bravo 1. The spear-like tail appears onscreen, shooting blindingly fast past the left of the view. The camera pans down as shells are being shown being fed into the shotgun. A few more rifleshots can be heard offscreen as the large alien screams and moves back into the room, then the view whips right as an attack form is located moving quickly towards the camera. The recording’s audio gets washed out twice as the shotgun is fired in rapid succession, both shots missing narrowly as the form crashes into Bravo 1. The audio recovers as the sounds of close quarters combat ensues. The video whips around as the creature narrowly misses a lethal strike with the secondary set of jaws impacts the deckplates nearby. Grunting is heard as the tail then whips down and pierces low on the chestplate, the video panning down to show blood seeping from the wound as the tail extracts with a sickening, sucking noise.)

“SHOOT THE BITCH!” (Bravo 2, through internal comms, offscreen. More small arms fire can be heard throughout the struggle shown onscreen)

(The shotgun roars one more time, and the attacking creature on top of Bravo 1 half hisses/screams as it dies from an unseen shot, and smoke hisses from under the body as Bravo 1 struggles out from underneath it, standing up and pulling the acid-covered chestplate off, throwing it onto the deckplates offscreen. Video pans down, showing a bloody wound low on the chest, off to the left of the abdomen. A hand presses over the wound as the camera pans up and right, showing a dimly lit area with flickering emergency lights.)

“Two, this is One… contact encountered outside your location, moving to re-enga..” (The video jerks as something slams into Bravo 1 from behind, throwing both to the ground as a slapping noise causes Bravo 1 to groan in pain. The view spins until the snapping jaws of another attack form come into focus, very close to the lens. The teeth gnash as the sharp tail once again spears into Bravo 1’s torso. Ragged breathing can be heard as the tail whips away again, red droplets of blood arcing off it as the sound of a shotgun being pumped can be heard, and the sound again washes out as the firearm goes off. The teeth gnash a time or two more, and the hissing dies out as the creature perishes and sags limp.)

(IFF rescue beacon initiated. Corporal XXXXXX ID: 372-44-0089. Negative cardiac activity.)

Operation Spelunker

Maj. Bekyros,

This is the latest info concerning Operation Spelunker. This is from Bravo 2 Attached are also two of the better images we were able to enhance from their helmet cams.

…Start Transmission….

Spelunker +3 Hours jump off, Bravo One, Bravo Squad, Janissary:

Made contact with survivor, UNSC Corporal of rescue vessel UNSC All Guns Forward in communications suite of target vessel. Corporal seems malnourished, but alert and lucid. Informed Bravo Squad of contact made with target vessel, and boarded to investigate abnormal activity. Corporal informed Bravo squad that alien species (highly aggressive) attacking UNSC personnel from both target vessel and UNSC rescue vessel. Survivors were attempting evacuation from target vessel when the shuttle they were piloting was overrun with unknown hostile aliens and killed. These were the first bodies we located upon arrival at target vessel, all bodies inspected and video footage captured by helmet cam as Bravo One inspected the corpses. UNSC Corporal informed us that she had no ability to make contact with host vessel AI, and as such Bravo Five removed any remaining computer firewalls and established contact with host AI, and UNSC vessel Bravo team tasked to. Communications to Bravo Team’s host vessel engaged, and Bravo Team relayed information of Alien Species Contact to Ship’s AI and then again to Captain. Informed them to halt any reinforcement of target vessel until such time as new orders could be relayed.

Communications Suite: UNSC Corporal has bunker-ed in pretty well here. She has scavenged enough supplies and ammunition from the fallen marines of UNSC rescue vessel (presumed deceased) and from members of target vessel (also presumed deceased.) One survivor was located by Bravo Five, but was shot at her behest. The unknown species had some “cocoon” objects on the floor that housed one of the smaller species inside it, which Bravo Five had dispatched prior to the request of the survivor to terminate her. We will bunker here and tend to the wounded: Priority Bravo Three who was critically wounded, followed by Bravos Five and Two. The UNSC Corporal will be given a thorough examination by Bravo One, and then Bravo Team will continue with mission as assigned pending transmission of new orders (primary and secondary.)

Alien Species: Bravo Team has encountered two distinct forms of what can only be assumed to be the same species, or sub-species of the same creature. The larger creature is humanoid, fully three meters in height. Can operate in zero gravity environments, and has functional arm and leg appendages. It can stand upright, or move on all fours in an animal fashion. It is dark in color and covered in a hard carapace type structure. It also has a long tail which it uses as an ambush or assault weapon by either flailing or using it to impale targets. Bravos Two and Three have received such wounds from this creature in this fashion. It also has blood which is acidic in nature, and the entirety of Bravo Squad has suffered several cast-off wounds from the larger creature’s “blood” or this viscous fluid.

The smaller species is agile and just as aggressive as the larger species. They lack the coloration of the larger variety, and seem to favor grappling attacks in which they can bring their tail appendage into play. This is used to either choke the victim, or used in a flailing fashion while leg appendages draw the creature closer to the victim. These creatures do not seem armored like the larger ones, but their blood is also acidic in nature, which leads Bravo One to believe these two creatures my share some genetic makeup. Unknown number of aggressors left on ship, and target AI remains secured to the ship’s bridge.

Bravo Team remains combat effective, but ammunition for primary load out becoming scarce. Bravo Three is wounded severely, and Bravo One believes it believe it best we move them after primary and/or secondary mission objectives are complete. We will need a new method of extraction when time presents itself, as Team Members have suffered irreparable damage to EVA suits. Dust off will need to be a vessel of sorts, or find a way to ferry new EVA suits in the event replacement suits cannot be located on target vessel.

Encryption methods from target to home vessel unknown, information related here has been limited in this event. Bravo One clear.

…End Transmission…

Image one. Detailed as the smaller one-

Second Image. Detailed as the large one-
Aliens colonial marines screenshot 2

We will send more information as we receive it.

UNSC Red Horse

Operation Boarding Action Briefing

Commander: Major Daphne Bekyros

Local Contact: Unidentified undercover IPCI agent.

Objective: Kidnapping of Captain Gabriel Long of the Mikasa Maru (Designator F-0980W, Mastodon Class Freighter). Planting of contraband materials to enable arrest and prosecution of captain by Civilian Security Forces. Removal of sensitive materials (to be identified during op). Zero casualty rate among the rest of the crew.

Particulars: In order to provide a cover story for the IPCI agent but allow for the arrest and removal of the Captain and any other possible smugglers, Bravo Squad will pose as members of Warriors for a New Epsilon Dawn. Bravo is to board and take the Mikasa Maru while it is refueling at Edelburgh Orbital Dock Station (a process that takes several days), before the captain can disembark for shore leave, and take the crew members as hostages. Link datapad to control interface. The ship is to be flown from the Orbital Port to the following coordinates RA 284.92475° (18hr 59min 42sec) and Dec 39.436111° (39° 26’ 10"). The ship will be boarded/ rescued by UNSC GETRDUN and it’s contingent of UNSC Marines and IPCI agents. The crew will be taken into custody but will “escape” at a Circumstance Orbital Docking Facility liberated by fellow terrorists.

Mikasa Maru:
Not the largest cargo class ship in the galaxy, the Mikasa Maru is still sizable in comparison to most other ships. Built at the shipyards in Sasebo, Japan, the Mikasa Maru is about 15 years old and has been in service since her construction, except for a refit about five years ago, during which time her engines were overhauled, cargo compartment split into three levels and a crew compartment added to the level one cargo hold. A new electronics suite (Radar, Navsat Uplink, Cryo Suite) installed. The Mikasa Maru is reported to have 36 crew members, who are on duty in three watches of twelve each. In addition there is a galley staff of four. Hydrogen Tankers of this type spend a great deal of time in space and are designed to be occupied by their crews for over a year at a time, because of this the accommodations are designed with a greater degree of crew comfort in mind than is the standard shipping star craft. Although the ship is largely automated, a number of tasks must be performed by humans.

Capt. Gabriel Long:
Gabriel has several links to criminal groups that traffic in illegal contraband to include; military hardware, drugs, slaves (rumored), exotic animals and creatures, precious gemstones, communication crystals. He has served in the merchant marines for 11 years. He has been suspected of moving contraband for the six years. His psyche profile reveals a greedy man that is overly concerned with his personal well being. He should not present any problems when taking his ship.

2008 starship troopers 3 marauder 007

Time Frame: Mikasa Maru will dock in 72 Hours. The ship must be boarded captain can disembark.

Insertion: UNSC Pelican flight to Edelburgh Orbital Dock Station (2.5 hours), Chantry refuel facility.

Extraction: Team will be taken into custody by the UNSC/IPCI personnel and will escape a day or two later. This will be arranged and undertaken by ONI operatives.

Equipment Provided: Air Passage to Edelburgh ODS, fake identities, Travel papers and permits, weapons appropriate to the Epsilon Dawn. To include MA3 Rifles x 2, MA5B x 1, M392 Designated Marksman Rifle x 1, M7 Caseless Submachine Gun x 2, M45 Tactical Shotgun x 1, M6A Handgun x 4, M6T Tranquilizer Pistol x 2(cannot be left behind at scene) 25 x Tranq AutoInjectors, M9FB x 12. RM 4012 Individual Tactical Radio x 6, 1000 CREDS x 6, Data Pad with Sat Uplink Hardware and Andres 23l GPS in Kevlar case.

Squad Members Attached: B1, B2, B3 ,B4, B5

Please have plans take place on the comments page attached to this wiki. Any requests of Maj. Bekyros should be presented in the same area. I would appreciate it being reuqested no later than thursday night.

Operation Pass Line Bet
The house always wins...

Commander: Major Daphne Bakyros

Local Contacts: None

Objective: Termination of Franco Inzhein.

Particulars: Franco Inzhein is at the Casbah Hilton Hotel and Casino. Casino large3 He is staying in room 412 and is frequenting the casino. He is to be terminated with zero lead back. It should look like no foul play was involved. As such poison will be issued to ops team.

Subject: Franco Inzhein. His dossier is located Here.

Time Frame: 14 Hours. He is to check out tomorrow morning. He has a ticket booked to Edelburgh Orbital Dock Station. Termination must take place at the hotel where he is living in excessive debauchery.

Insertion: Public Transportation

Extraction: Public Transportation

Eqt Provided: Disposible Phones, Tablet, and Phenobla (Ingestible Poison that induces heart attack)

Funds Issued: 100000 Credits

Squad Members Attached: Bravo 1,3, 5

After Action Intel: Operation was successful. Media Outlets reported death as a heart attack. A tipoff has led the Epsilon Eridani Revenue Office to review financial records and transactions of Mr. Inzhein and Andres Technologies Corp. Currently all assets have been frozen and links to the United Rebel Front and Epsilon Dawn have been found. Evidence of a rebel materials shipment has been located (see Operation Boarding Action Briefing)

Personnel Note: Bravo 5 has been issued an Article 15 for failure to stay on mission and personal misconduct. Pay is to be docked 50% and all personal leave revoked for 6 months.

Flight 2712

April 2 2525 CE

After Operation: ICARUS, Bravo Squad attempts to book a flight back to Casbah. The flight is over booked and only Bravo 1,2,3 and 5 are able to get seats. Bravo 2 and 5 are bumped up to first class. Cargo ship During the flight, seven Innies from a Warriors for a New Epsilon Dawn cell take control of the shuttle. Bravo Squad ends up taking out six of the seven terrorists and capturing one. Although one squad member is seriously wounded, there are no team casualties and only one passenger dies due to complications from cardiac arrest at a hospital. A last member of the cell was apprehended at New Bavarian Space Port also unable to get a seat.

After Action Intel:

Information extracted from the Innie prisoners (#486539-21 and #495869-98) suggests that the cell was based out of Camp 2831 (See Operation: Icarus)this group was gathering intel and getting the final documents to perform the hijacking of Flight 2712 but two days later. They were to return to Camp 2831 and pick up munitions and equipment to include explosives for suicide vests and comms gear for coordination with outside groups. They saw the burning ruins of their camp and decided to make their move early. Evidence was found that shows this operation was funded by suspected innie money man Franco Inzhein (Decd)

Operation Icarus

March 13 2525 CE

Commander: Major Daphne Bekyros

Local Contact: Pol Bruagra

Objective: Destruction of a Tier III Insurrectionist training facility known as Epsilon Dawn Training Camp 2831. 90% or greater casualty rate amongst the op-for is requested. Plausible Deniability is requested and blame should lead back to New Bavarian Municipality, fake identities will be provided.

Time Frame: 12 days

Insertion: Civilian flight to Enzshofen, New Bavaria Municipality. A pair of SKT-13 Shuttles will move crew and equipment to within 15K of Camp 2831. All other movement will be handled by a two Huciv .75 ton off road trucks.

Extraction: Bravo Squad will make their own way back to New Bavaria avoiding patrols and meet with contact to dispose of equipment.

Equipment Provided: 2X .75 ton Huciv off road trucks equipped with a WRANGELL M12 AT rifle and a AIE-48G. Mar P-15’s and WRANGELL M22 rifles. 60 M9HE grenades. Ralforce Sniper rifle with scope. 10 Satchel Charges (6 Kilo RC4 Explosive Each). COMMS, Medical, and Survival Equipement provided for each Squad Member.

Squad Members Attached: B1,B2,B3,B4,B5,B6

Results: Destruction of facility, 98.5 percent casualty rate from Innies. Cover remains intact. Please see Flight 2712 for information tied to this operation.


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