The year is 2522 CE. Operation: Trebuchet has been active for nine years and has had mixed results. In January the Homebrew initiative was enacted to draft local planetary forces within the Epsilon Eridanus system. In February 2524 CE the first batch of Tribute troops finish their training. The troops are given a weekend pass before going onto their assignments. Bravo squad decides to go out for a celebratory drink. Before dawn the small squad somehow manages to find an Insurrectionist cell and foils a planned assassination of Casbah Mayor Mika Kunz. This incident precipitates the shift of command of Bravo Squad to ONI under Major Daphne Bekyros. Bravo squad is sent to the Reach military facility Camp Hathcock for Advanced Individual Training. Newly trained and reinforced with extra personnel Bravo Squad is sent back to Tribute to begin operations.

Halo squad

UNSC: Bravo Squad

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