UNSC: Bravo Squad

Operation Polo

20 November, 2525-

Operation: Polo
Commanding Officer: Major Daphne Bekyros, UNSC

Location: Hostile controlled planet Harvest

Operators: Bravo 1, 5, 6

Operation Polo- Make contact with locals outside a large castle type structure. Reports are that civilian population is currently being put to work by the hostile alien species currently searching areas of the planet for something, to which we have no actionable intel. Objectives are to make contact with the locals and see what intelligence can be gathered, secondary objectives are to neutralize enemy if possible and release the prisoners in order to more effectively create a resistance.

Dustoff was 1000 hours Zulu, insertion near the village via Pelican transport, Delta 2-5 (Lt. Miles, commanding). Bravo inserted into the village on foot and there made diplomatic contact with the village leadership to gain insight into the area, troop strengths, and prisoner numbers. Village itself houses 75 individuals (men, women, very few children) and the castle itself has 100 individuals mining for something currently under the structure itself. Infiltration via the front or over the walls is deemed suicidal, but locals inform Bravo that there is a sewer/storm drain that leads into the castle from out near the sea. The team quietly makes entrance into the substructure of the castle and begins a quiet reconnoiter, encountering little in the form of resistance. There is little actionable intelligence gleaned from the lower levels, other than deceased humans that look to have been experimented upon (signs of vivisection, autopsy), and very few active hostiles in the area. Team proceeds to ground level to get a look at the forces in the courtyard.

Enemy forces seem to primary consist of smaller aliens with a mottled skin, hooked to some breathing apparatus, roughly a meter in height, weight approximately 200lbs. These grunts are numerous, albeit somewhat cowardly when their forces are being thinned. Will provide intense harassing fire, and have a tendency to lob a lot of glowing blue spheres that are similar in nature to a M67 fragmentation grenade. There are some variations in color of the armors in these troops that have been noted, possibly indicating a rank structure or social class. They are often abused openly by the larger alien species.

Another alien type is a larger (taller) alien, lanky in nature with a long face with a frilled “plumage” atop the crest of the skull. These aliens are often times employed as scouts/sentries, or placed in command of a small squad of the grunt soldiers. These aliens are quite often carrying a shield type device which pulses with an unknown energy and seems to deflect quite a bit of kinetic damage before winking out, allowing the creature to be fired upon directly. These bracelets have been recovered by Bravo previously and are being investigated on the Red Horse by tech personnel. These creatures also carry other forms of the alien weaponry, consisting of;

-Alien single firing pistol, the plasma from this weapon appears green.
-Alien assault pistol, this weapon is larger than the pistol and is capable of sustained rapid fire. The arcing blasts from these are blue in color.
-Alien assault weapon, rapidly dispenses numerous pink shards of crystalline nature which upon impact with a solid surface detonate harmlessly. If these make contact with flesh, they will explode with a time delay of just a few short seconds, causing grievous injury to recipient. The shards are quite sharp and will cut through most combat gloves, but can be removed prior to detonation.
-Alien sniper rifle. This weapon is best neutralized prior to having it connect with a friendly. Very dangerous.

These creatures seem to rank just above the aforementioned grunts, but rank below the following.

Third alien species is best described as front-line NCO’s of the aliens. These creatures stand roughly 3m tall, weighing a few hundred pounds easily. They are strong, fast, intelligent, and seemingly offer the greatest threat of the aliens encountered thus far. These elite troops also show the color variations noted herein denoting either military rank, or a social structure of unknown type. These aliens will close to melee combat just as easily as stand off at small arms distance and engage UNSC personnel. Up close, they are just as formidable and dangerous as they are if allowed to fire upon any team unlucky enough to not ambush them first.

The hostiles inside the castle also have a few small ground attack craft, purple in color. These appear to be fast-response vehicles, armed with a pair of rapidly firing plasma cannons. Also located inside the castle courtyard are a pair of large craft, believed to be enemy heavy armor (tanks.)

It was some time during this reconnaissance that Bravo was discovered, and a firefight ensued. Much more of the engagement is lost on me, as during the firefight there was a large explosion, and I was caught in a crossfire of purple crystalline shards and some stray plasma fire. I was airlifted to the Red Horse with critical injuries, and came to sometime on 29 November, 2525. Team successfully managed to rescue over 100 civilian personnel, now helping out around the Red Horse.

End report,
SSgt. Dan Hudson, UNSC



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