UNSC: Bravo Squad

Operation Preserver

Operation Preserver After Action Report as to the activities of 24 October, 2525.

Location: Planet Harvest, currently under enemy occupation by hostile alien forces.

Bravo Squad under command of Major Daphne Bekyros, Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).

UNSC Red Horse received priority communications traffic that a crashed escape pod of the CMA Heracles (Departed Harvest after initial contact with alien ship destroyed CMA Arabia and Vostok, and severely damaged UNSC Red Horse causing crash landing on planet’s surface) began transmitting in the open a few hours previously, indicating a UNSC force requesting aid. Bravo Squad was briefed and launched as soon as possible to investigate the beacon and render aid if possible to forces at the beacon location, located approximately 200 miles to the south of the Red Horse’s location. (Bravos 1, 3, 5, 6 sent on hop, attached as support was Charlie 217, Hornet class VTOL attack/recon craft piloted by Lt. Darren Miles)

Jump off commenced at roughly 0800 local, with Charlie 217 under orders to establish a fuel cache midway through the operation at a suitable location. Midway through the flight, a small farmhouse with outbuildings (barn, flams storage) was chosen to be the cache location. Bravo then disembarked the hornet and swept the location for hostile contacts before securing the site as a fuel depot for further activities in this region. After a brief search of the location for supplies, Bravo resumed original mission and flew on towards the rescue beacon of the crashed lifepod. It was around this time that Bravo 5 spotted a blinking light approximately 35 miles from the farmhouse, and it’s location was noted for future recon. Initial visual contact with the pod happened a short time afterwards, indicating four personnel. Radio communications identified them as elements of the 353rd. infantry based off Heracles. The soldiers indicated they’d encountered little in the means of alien contact, but instead had several run-ins with attacks from local wildlife which they’d fended off at some cost. One soldier was suffered from a severe wound to his leg (infected, possibly gangrenous) and the other was unconscious and suffering a critical wound to his neck.

Charlie 217 hovered low at a meter or two as Bravos 1, 3, and 5 disembarked the craft and made initial contact with the members of the 353rd. Bravo 3 and 5 immediately went into over watch (along with Bravo 6 aloft in Charlie 217), as Bravo 1 triaged the wounded for transport. The neck wounded and infected leg soldiers were deemed priority transports at this time and packaged for transport, while the walking wounded were initially triaged as dehydrated. Bravo 5 began saline IV drips for both soldiers as the site was stripped to deny enemy forces any intelligence and made ready for quiet disabling. Charlie 217 came on station dusting off Bravo 1 and the two seriously injured soldiers (One discovered to be Alpha Squad member Hess) to the Red Horse, while Bravo 3, 5, and 6 remained behind for salvage and sabotage operations. The wounded soldiers were taken straight into Medbay for surgery and treatment while the Hornet returned to the lifepod crash location with extra medical supplies and transport pod for the remaining two 353rd soldiers. Upon return, it was discovered that the members of the 353rd had been eating the wildlife that had been attacking them, and said animals had been highly irradiated. 1 then issued iodine tablets to the soldiers as well as Lt. Miles and Bravo Squad while the rest of the team remained on overwatch/salvage operations. The team then sabotaged the lifepod to deny the enemy any intel, and the team dusted off shortly afterwards to stop at the fuel depot for refueling operations to return to the Red Horse.

At this time, it was decided that the two soldiers would continue on in Charlie 217 with Bravo 1 to support as medic if needed, while the balance of Bravo would remain at the farmhouse to thoroughly scavenge whatever they could for return to the Red Horse. The team managed to scrounge up several workable items, as well as basic sundries/supplies in this time and sort them into priority transport piles. Meanwhile, the Hornet made radio communication with the Red Horse to indicate two highly irradiated patients inbound and was diverted away to a secured location for triage/treatment of the soldiers, as well as a decontamination of LT. Miles, Bravo One, and the Hornet. At this time, Lance Corporal Inessa Dane (Medtech, Red Horse) was sent out with C217 to return to the farm location to collect the remainder of Bravo, while Bravo One assisted with the treatment of the injured and irradiated soldiers with Chief Medical Officer Cottle.

Bravo Team regrouped for debrief at the Red Horse approximately 15 hours later, to which mission was deemed successful. Major Bekyros met with Bravo 1 and 3 privately to discuss a shift in primary mission parameters for further forays. Bravo was then informed they would be traveling back out the next day to investigate and reconnoiter the flashing light discovered by Bravo 5 earlier in the day. Jump off at 1000 local, Harvest.

There has still been no communication or sign of Bravo 2’s whereabouts at this time. After a brief discussion and drink with CWO3 Cottle, it appears the injured Hess is expected to recover from his wounds. The other soldier is undergoing aggressive treatment for radiation poisoning as well as infection, but is expected to lose his leg. Bravo remains 100% combat effective, even with it’s reduced numbers.



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