UNSC: Bravo Squad

Operation Shepherd

Battlegroup 4 transcripted

This action report filed 10 October, 2525 from the surface of planet Harvest

We’d heard that the UNSC had lost communication with the CMA Argo and Planet Harvest on approximately 20 September, 2525. Battlegroup 4 was then formed consisiting of the UNSC Heracles, Arabia, Vostok, with the UNSC Red Horse attached as reconnaissance support and tasked with re-establishing contact with the colony and determining the cause of the loss of communications to UNSC high command. The battle group would make all speed to the Harvest system to establish force dominance if necessary, and land ground forces to assist in repelling any suspected assaults/control from insurrectionist forces.

(It should be noted at this time that Bravo Squad had learned of the traitorous activities of Bravo Four, and inquiries into said matters shed light that he’d been an innie sleeper the entire time he’d been with the squad. His actions on Tribute led to the deaths of numerous UNSC forces and ultimately he was shot and killed by Bravo 5 in a firefight on post while we were fending off an insurrectionist attack. Needless to say, Bravo was cast in a bad light, as well as the Homebrew Initiative in general at this point.)

Slipspace travel was spent honing skills and training, as well as getting our replacements up to speed on our activities. New additions to Bravo are as follows:

Bravo Four- Private Tolbert, Rifleman. The kid is just 18 years old and pretty new to all of this. He’s pretty handy with a computer though, but could stand to spend a little more time in the gym.
Bravo Six- Corporal Kunz, Rifleman (woman…) She’s a decent shot, and boasts to be a hell of a scrounger as well as a driver. She seems personable enough, although her personality seems at odds with Bravo Three.
Bravo Seven- Private First Class Ramirez, Rifleman. He’s a to-the-point talking pilot as well, and not afraid to tell anyone and everyone around him just exactly what he thinks, even if they aren’t listening to him.

Slipspace travel was uneventful, and we breached Harvest space approximately 5 October, 2525. Upon intial inspection, the planet seemed quiet, although scans visual and electronically showed severe damage to the planet’s Tiara (the cargo loading/unloading system from planetside to the station ring around the planet). Further scans indicated several large sections of the planet’s surface to be burning, and massive clounds of smoke and ash obscured much more invasive scans of the planet from orbit. It was at this time we discovered something much worse, though.

Bravo Squad was aboard the UNSC Red Horse in the briefing room, watching the events unfold in front of them on a bank of monitors while the ship rigged and ran silent in the attempts to recon without alerting possible enemy forces of the battle group’s arrival. It was not long after the battle group had established a high orbit of the planet that a large vessel of unknown origins was coming from a lower orbit of the planet on an intercept vector with the ships of the battle group. Initial attempts at communication were met with no response, but shortly after the first attempt, a voice was heard across all UNSC comms channels (and I paraphrase… I was still stunned at this discovery) that all the unworthy races would be removed from the stars. It was at this time that lateral lines along the alien vessel began to glow until a beam of energy (I’m no weapons tech, damn it!) leapt from the ship and struck the Vostok amidships, splitting the ship in half. At this time, all remaining UNSC ships were ordered to strike the hostile contact: MAC rounds, SHIVA missiles… I even threw in a couple choice swears hoping like hell they’d help even if a little. All ordinance levelled at the enemy contact encountered some form of energy shield, and no positive effect on target was noticed. A second salvo of the energy weapon effectively annihilated the Arabia moments later, and the Heracles suffered heavy damage when pieces of the destroyed ship crashed into them. Heracles then ordered a general retreat, and several lifepods from it were launched towards the surface of Harvest. Red Horse (Captain Cruize commanding) suffered a glancing blow of the energy weapon, but was effectively crippled and sent spinning. It was in this assault that Private Tolbert was killed- he was thrown from his seat and his skull struck the bulkhead, crushing it (he wasn’t wearing his helmet). Bekyros and myself also incurred superficial injuries when we were likewise thrown from our feet, but nothing critical. Cruize then issued the order to abandon ship, all hands to report to lifepods to be launched to Harvest below while he made ready to ram the Red Horse into the hostile alien battleship (for lack of a better term, this is what I’m calling the damned thing.)

Bravo 1, 3, 5, and 7 all made their way to the same pod. It was in this confusion that Bravo 2 became seperated from the group and was jettisoned in a different pod, and the same happened to Major Bekyros. The balance of Bravo (now plus one AI- Harold, attached to Bravo 5) initiated launch sequence, but the pod suffered damage in the attack and would not seperate cleanly. We were pretty certain we were going to die, but the money was still split on either being crushed to death when the Red Horse rammed the alien vessel, or if we were going to be incinerated outright in the next attack from the alien ship. Five and Harold went feverishly to work trying to get the systems in the lifepod working again in the next few tense minutes, finally re-establishing full power to the pod, though we were still tethered to the Red Horse. The last thing we remember hearing on open communications was Cruize ordering full power to propulsion as he made what we assumed was a straight vector into the enemy ship before the tether was severed somehow, and the thrusters shot us towards Harvest.

(Hudson’s note to self; it’s been a rough couple of days.. take your time to get this shit written down/recorded properly. This needs to be done right to help remember the fallen, as well as put together a complete picture of what’s going on here on Harvest and God knows where else right now. We’re at war with an intelligent race of alien beings.. and these fuckers want to see mankind stomped out of this and every other solar system.)



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