UNSC: Bravo Squad

Operation Spelunker

Maj. Bekyros,

This is the latest info concerning Operation Spelunker. This is from Bravo 2 Attached are also two of the better images we were able to enhance from their helmet cams.

…Start Transmission….

Spelunker +3 Hours jump off, Bravo One, Bravo Squad, Janissary:

Made contact with survivor, UNSC Corporal of rescue vessel UNSC All Guns Forward in communications suite of target vessel. Corporal seems malnourished, but alert and lucid. Informed Bravo Squad of contact made with target vessel, and boarded to investigate abnormal activity. Corporal informed Bravo squad that alien species (highly aggressive) attacking UNSC personnel from both target vessel and UNSC rescue vessel. Survivors were attempting evacuation from target vessel when the shuttle they were piloting was overrun with unknown hostile aliens and killed. These were the first bodies we located upon arrival at target vessel, all bodies inspected and video footage captured by helmet cam as Bravo One inspected the corpses. UNSC Corporal informed us that she had no ability to make contact with host vessel AI, and as such Bravo Five removed any remaining computer firewalls and established contact with host AI, and UNSC vessel Bravo team tasked to. Communications to Bravo Team’s host vessel engaged, and Bravo Team relayed information of Alien Species Contact to Ship’s AI and then again to Captain. Informed them to halt any reinforcement of target vessel until such time as new orders could be relayed.

Communications Suite: UNSC Corporal has bunker-ed in pretty well here. She has scavenged enough supplies and ammunition from the fallen marines of UNSC rescue vessel (presumed deceased) and from members of target vessel (also presumed deceased.) One survivor was located by Bravo Five, but was shot at her behest. The unknown species had some “cocoon” objects on the floor that housed one of the smaller species inside it, which Bravo Five had dispatched prior to the request of the survivor to terminate her. We will bunker here and tend to the wounded: Priority Bravo Three who was critically wounded, followed by Bravos Five and Two. The UNSC Corporal will be given a thorough examination by Bravo One, and then Bravo Team will continue with mission as assigned pending transmission of new orders (primary and secondary.)

Alien Species: Bravo Team has encountered two distinct forms of what can only be assumed to be the same species, or sub-species of the same creature. The larger creature is humanoid, fully three meters in height. Can operate in zero gravity environments, and has functional arm and leg appendages. It can stand upright, or move on all fours in an animal fashion. It is dark in color and covered in a hard carapace type structure. It also has a long tail which it uses as an ambush or assault weapon by either flailing or using it to impale targets. Bravos Two and Three have received such wounds from this creature in this fashion. It also has blood which is acidic in nature, and the entirety of Bravo Squad has suffered several cast-off wounds from the larger creature’s “blood” or this viscous fluid.

The smaller species is agile and just as aggressive as the larger species. They lack the coloration of the larger variety, and seem to favor grappling attacks in which they can bring their tail appendage into play. This is used to either choke the victim, or used in a flailing fashion while leg appendages draw the creature closer to the victim. These creatures do not seem armored like the larger ones, but their blood is also acidic in nature, which leads Bravo One to believe these two creatures my share some genetic makeup. Unknown number of aggressors left on ship, and target AI remains secured to the ship’s bridge.

Bravo Team remains combat effective, but ammunition for primary load out becoming scarce. Bravo Three is wounded severely, and Bravo One believes it believe it best we move them after primary and/or secondary mission objectives are complete. We will need a new method of extraction when time presents itself, as Team Members have suffered irreparable damage to EVA suits. Dust off will need to be a vessel of sorts, or find a way to ferry new EVA suits in the event replacement suits cannot be located on target vessel.

Encryption methods from target to home vessel unknown, information related here has been limited in this event. Bravo One clear.

…End Transmission…

Image one. Detailed as the smaller one-

Second Image. Detailed as the large one-
Aliens colonial marines screenshot 2

We will send more information as we receive it.

UNSC Red Horse



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