Michael "Rhino" Johnson

Ex-MMA fighter and heavy gunner


Years in the gym and fighting have left him a big hard looking man. He has dark hair and dark eyes. He usually wears a dew rag and sports a soul patch.

Rhino johnson


Mike Johnson- Rhino to his friends and foes…Foes? Who has foes these days? Rhino that’s who. Pretty average lower income kid from Ibrid, Tribute. He was born to Lou and Molly Johnson. Both were factory workers and one night, after happy hour turned into a long night of drinking. Lou knocked Molly up. Molly had to quit her job to carry Rhino through term. Lou worked double shifts to try to pay for the new life he didn’t want but he did as best he could. One night while letting off some steam and getting a drink, one of the local blue collar toughs wouldn’t stop riding him about his situation. Though Lou warned him, eventually had to knock out of few teeth to get him to shut his trap. A local porn producer, Vinnie Boom Bots saw this and hired him for some underground boxing fights he took part in. Lou made enough extra cash to not work a second shift but never so much to move his family up out of poverty level. Rhino was a big boy and participated in wrestling and hockey in high school and college. He was good at both but loved and truly excelled at wrestling. His dad trained him and told him never to get involved in the underground scene but instead, go to college and wrestle. However the fates had something different in mind than his father. Lou had borrowed money from the his manager Vinnie to pay for Rhino’s entrance fee into a prestigious training house in Casbah. However Lou had been severally beaten in a match was laid up in hospital and couldn’t make his payments. Vinnie and his goons came over to the house to lean on the family but met Rhino who beat the crap out of one of his goons. Vinnie was both impressed and amused and said that he could help his dad get out of trouble and debt if Rhino would come fight in his dads place. His dad would have flipped, so Rhino swore his mother to secrecy and began fighting. He went twelve fights undefeated and was noticed by an MMA scout Drake Remoray looking for men for his stable. Drake bought out the debt and offered Rhino a modest contract offer. Rhino spent the next two year training and then started fighting professionally. He achieved great success in fighting. He was able to move his family to a nice house and help his very tired father retire. His professional career saw him take the Tribute heavy weight title, the Reach HW title and eventually he got a chance at the Epsilon Eridani System Champion MMA title. He was beaten badly, Rhino claims he slipped on blood that wasn’t properly cleaned but some say he was outclassed and getting too old. He took a full five months to recover from his injuries and in that time fell on some bad habits that took a toll on his body. He became heavily dependent on pain killers and when he tried to get back in the ring could not hold his own. Swearing that the last fight wouldn’t be his swan song he went into rehab. It took some time but he was able to do it. He returned to the ring and had to nearly start at the beginning because his former manager wouldn’t take him back due to his age. He wasn’t as dominant as he used to be but he was getting the job done. Unfortunately his road back was cut short by a draft notice. He was involuntarily accepted into the newly formed Homebrew Initiative. He wasn’t a scientist but he could tell he was getting fucked. He told his parents about it. They didn’t have a clear idea what was happening but were so proud that their son would go on to become an earned citizen. After a lot of thought and drinking he weighed joining vs pulling a religious incongruence with serving and decided he could serve, come back and star in movies about Sgt Rhino Johnson! He could see it now- The former tough kid from the streets who became a professional fighter then because of his super patriotism put his dream on hold to battle Innies, save women, and blow shit up! That’s an easy trilogy!

Michael "Rhino" Johnson

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