M6A Pistol

The M6A Handgun is a standard issue United Nations Space Command firearm.

The M6A is a variant of Misriah Armory’s M6 Series of sidearms pistols, and is noted for its comfort. However, it sees only widespread distribution in civilian security forces such as law enforcement and governmental security; not mainstream UNSC military units. This model began production around 2412.

The M6A Handgun fires 12.7mm x 40 projectiles, and has a black polymer finish. There is a tactical version the M6A1 that is equipped with flashlight and has suppressor threading.

M6 a pistol by eye in the sky118


Dam: 1

Pen: Nil

Bulk: 1

Mag: 15

SS: 2

Brst: Nil

M6A Pistol

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