Operation: Hit the Silk


  • First jump platoon: Insertion to target area will be by individual atmospsheric re-entry. Designates touchdown is at grid coordinates D.2, 15.0. Assemble on the platoon leader and proceed toward the starport area. Establish a Drop Zone (DZ) in or near the starport and hold until the cutter arrives. Support the landing party as required.
    Platoons 2 and 3:
  • The Second and Third Platoons with the Science Officer Babbage will form the Landing Party. Insertion to target area will be by the modular cutter which will touch down at the DZ designated by First Platoon. If the tactical situation dictates, the cutter will dust off upon delivery of the landing party. The landing party will then proceed to the objective and secure the database.
    Rules of Engagement:
    You are free to engage anyone which presents itself as a threat to you or your mission, or which fires upon you. Damage to covenant or civilian structures should be kept at a minimum.

You are to take no prisoners. Any human captured will be disarmed, bound, and left in place. Any covenant forces captured will be summarily executed. Any confiscated weapons will be taken or destroyed.
Under no circumstances will you identify yourselves, as members of Battle Group X-Ray, ONI, Janussary or Group 3. Further no allusions to SPECWAR will be declared. No UNSC Unit IDs will be worn on your uniforms or armor.
Due to communications jamming, you will not be able to contact the UNSC Say My Name with your suit communicators. Each unit will be provided with MASER communicators for that purpose. Tactical comms bwetween suits will not be affected as long as the units are with 10 KM of each other. While the UNSC Say My Name is establishing a geosynchronous orbit, the ship’s boat will serve as a communications relay station. The Say My Name should take approximately two hours to achieve orbit.
Recovery will be by way of pick-up by the modular cutter. A Search and Rescue vessell will attempt a recovery of anyone who gets separated from the team. If anyone cannot make pick-up or is not found by the SAR vessel, they will have to attempt to make their way to the starport on Edda subsection Munin. UNSC Red Horse will conduct a post operation reconaissance on 20 April 2526. Any personnel to be separated, lose comms, and not found can be extracted then.

Brevity Identificaion Codes
Entity Call Sign
UNSC Say My Name Sinner
Cutter Blue Fire
Halsey Babbage
Company HQ Blue Six
1st platoon Blue One
2nd Platoon Blue Two
3rd Platoon Blue Three

Brevity Event Reporting Codes
Event Code
Upon touchdown Touchdown
Upon establishing a DZ Green Light
Upon reaching computer Pay Dirt
If compute database unuseable or destroyed Torn Sheet
When ready to leave Cold Feet
When teams have left Door Closed

Assault Time table
J+0000 Jump squad departs Say My Name
J+0100 Jump squad touches down on Harvest
J+0115 Jump squad assembled and ready to move, code passed
J+0330 Jump squad establishes DZ, code passed
J+0430 Cutter lands, team proceeds to computer
J+0530 Computer reached and accesse, code passed
J+0600 Database secured or files secured and computer destroyed
J+0615 Teams assemble at cutter
J+0630 Cutter departs Harvest

Operation: Hit the Silk

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